SolarEdge Single Phase HD-Wave Solar Inverter (1st Gen)

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The SolarEdge HD-Wave single phase solar inverter range requires power optimisers to function due to it having no trackers. The inverter is responsible for DC to AC inversion due to the MPPT and voltage management being handled separately for each module by the power optimiser. Fixed string voltage technology ensures the inverter is working to its optimal input voltage at all times, regardless of string length and environmental conditions. This inverter has excellent efficiency, performing above 97%. The characteristics of this inverter allows for a quick and easy install which can be carried out indoors or outdoors. These inverters also include a built-in module performance monitoring data receiver. Communication with the solar PV array is possible with the inverters ability to connect to the internet via broadband or wireless ZigBee. This inverter comes with a 12-year warranty as standard.

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