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The SOLiC Wireless is an easy installed Solar Immersion Controller, which comes complete and ready to fit.

In simple terms it works like a high powered, automatic variable dimmer switch, much like a you see on lights bulbs, offering only the power you would have exported, to typically, an immersion element, giving the household free hot water most days of the year.

1. UK manufactured with metal enclosures.

2. The unit has 10 Year return-to-base warranty.

3. Each unit is shipped with the sensor unit pre paired to the main unit.

4. The unit uses a mains powered 433hz wireless system for a consistent connection.

5. The 433hz RF gives the unit over 100m line of sight range and over 30m in buildings.

6. The Sensor unit signals the main unit to correct the loads power 5 times a second.

7. The Sensor unit automatically sets the direction of the sensor clamp on start up.

8. CE approved and safety tested.

9. Class leading accuracy and a zero threshold maximising savings.

10. The unit is standalone and does not affect existing FITs you are receiving.

11. The sensor is mounted by the consumer board and sensor clamp clipped on either the Live or

Neutral mains tail gird side of both the house loads and solar PV system.

12. The main unit is mounted on the fused spur of the immersion heater but can also be used to power

any resistive electrical heating load for instance a storage heater or an electric element in an oil

filled radiator.

13. You would expect a full priced installation to pay for itself in two to three years.

14. The unit is thoroughly tested for reliability with over 2 years of operational testing completed.


Operation voltage: 230VAC mains single phase 50Hz

Mains voltage: 205 260VAC

Power consumption: 1.5W & 1.0W

Active current: 300mA & 150mA

Transfer efficiency: 99% (at max power

Max load current surge: 80A for 10ms

Continuous load current: 16A

Mains frequency tolerance at 50Hz: 2Hz

Operating temperature: 0 to 50C

Storage temperature: 20 to +75C

Humidity range: 10 to 90%, non condensing

Max impact force: 12G

Lightning and ESD protection: to 1.8kV

Current tracking accuracy: better than 95%

Export threshold: 0W

Audible noise emissions: below 10dBA

RFI (EMC) emissions: below -52dBW

Max power dissipation at 3kW output: 27W

Internal fuse: 250V 1A 20mm delayed blow

Insulation resistance: above 10M Ohms

Case isolation protection: better than 2.0kV

Case dimensions: 161 x 105 x 57mm & 105 X 65 X 25mm

Total mass as supplied: 625g & 325g

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