SolarEdge Compact 1.5kW Basic with M2500 Optimiser

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  SolarEdge Compact Residential Solution   Inverter SE1500M Basic with Solar Edge M2500 Power Optimiser    Cost effective solution for residential systems of 4-8 modules   Suitable for homes with limited roof space, social housing projects, or for meeting minimum sustainability requirements   The Inverter is available in three versions: 1000VA, 1500VA and 2000VA   The Optimiser and Inverter are designed to work exclusively with each other   Extremely compact, lightweight, and easy to install   Each of the four power optimiser inputs supports one or two 60-cell modules   IP65 rated inverter — suitable for indoor or outdoor installation     Inverter and Optimiser ordered with a single part number and supplied in a single box   Basic version: No Communication Interfaces   PLEASE NOTE: The data sheet, grid certificates and warranty documents are still pending. We expect to receive them shortly.  

Additional information

Supplier Part No


Rated Power

1, 500 W

Min PPT Voltage

13 V

Max PPT Voltage

80 V

DC Startup Voltage

13 V

DC Shutdown Voltage

13 V

Max Input Voltage

96 V

Max DC Power

025 W, 2

Max AC Power

1, 500 W

Max DC Current

52.4 A

Max DC Inputs




Included Connectors


Euro Efficiency




MPPT Trackers


Has Integrated DC Switch