ProWarm Warm-Panel End Support Return – 300mm x 320mm x 18mm


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The Warm-Panel End Support is a multifunctional pipe return, pipe clip and floor support which has multiple snapping points to be able to decrease its size and maximize the heat emitter area. The Warm-Panel End Support is a revolutionary, multifunctional underfloor heating pipe and floor support system. The End Support with its multiple snapping points enables a more flexible approach to underfloor heating installation, giving the installer the benefit of installing larger floor areas. With the integral pipe securing system, it allows a trouble free quick installation of the pipe work, ensuring the underfloor pipe work remains fixed in position. The word support has a multiple meaning; the product offers a support to the floor covering above around the perimeter of the room, without the requirement of a biscuit screed; it supports the pipe work once pressed into place.


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