ProWarm 18mm Low Profile Overlay Single Room Kit Wireless


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Single Zone system. One thermostat controlling the heating system, suited for a single room. For more than one room please see our multi-zone system kits. ProWarm’s Overlay is a unique low profile floor heating system ideal for both renovation and new build projects. Installed over the existing floor and only 18mm in depth, ProWarm’s Overlay allows floor heating to be installed where traditional underfloor systems would either require expensive excavation or would require the floor to be raised to an unacceptable level. ProWarm’s Overlay panel is a fibrous panel used for heavyweight floor coverings such as ceramics, or where the floor covering needs to be secured directly to the panel, e.g. engineered wood which requires fixing down. ProWarm’s Overlay systems utilise a 12mm pipe at 150mm pipe centres and provide excellent response times and heat output compared with traditional built-in underfloor heating solutions and are therefore ideal for both traditional heating systems and low-temperature renewable systems. With a unique end support that allows the installer to simply ‘SNAP-OFF’ sections to leave the desired number of channels around the edge of the room. Making the installation of the leaders and perimeter loops more straightforward.


15m2 20m2 25m2 30m2 35m2 40m2 50m2 60m2 70m2 80m2
Manifold Pump Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thermostat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manifold Ports 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 7 8
Pipe Length (m) 100 160 180 240 260 320 400 450 530 610
Floor Panels 31 42 52 63 73 84 105 125 146 168
Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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15m2, 20m2, 25m2, 30m2, 35m2, 40m2, 50m2, 60m2, 70m2, 80m2



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