SolarEdge RS485 Expansion Kit

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The RS485 Expansion Kit provides an additional RS485 port for the inverter for enhanced communications. The kit contains a module which is installed on the communication board and has a 3-pin RS485 terminal block.   Feature Highlights:   - Allows connection of devices to a multiple inverter system without a Control and Communication Gateway - Allows daisy chain configuration of multiple RS485 buses for communications in commercial - Suitable for installation in the SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway - Located within the inverter enclosure for outdoor protection - Reduces labor cost with simple and quick installation On Special Offer! SE-PM-S-3PH-250 SolarEdge Power Management and Climate Sensor Package <250A AC Supply SE-PM-WND-3PH-250A Solaredge Power management package for up to 250A grid supply SE-STOREDGE4-RESU10H-3.6-AC StorEdge S4 AC coupled 3680W system with LG Chem 10.0 HV SE-STOREDGE4-RESU10H-AC StorEdge S4 AC coupled 5000W system with LG Chem 10.0 HV SE-STOREDGE4-RESU7H-AC StorEdge S4 HD Wave AC coupled 3680W system with LG Chem 7.0 HV

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