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Lux Power | Single Phase Hybrid Inverters with Pylon Tech US2000 Plus batteries are intelligent Hybrid Battery Inverters and energy monitoring systems, that store energy from unused solar power whenever the property demand is higher than electric power generation from the solar panels. The Lux Power Hybrid Inverter works by directing unused electric power from solar energy harvested by solar PV panels, to the Pylon Tech US2000 Plus solar battery system for later use, making it possible to utilise solar power energy storage for unused energy in the home. It converts and directs solar power to where it is needed, when it is needed. The Lux Power Hybrid Solar Inverters come with built-in Enhanced EPS, this feature allows the customer to take energy from their remaining solar power store in the event of a power outage alert. This impressive enhanced EPS feature will switch over in 0.01s in the event of a power cut, meaning these systems are Grid Share ready for the future. The Lux Power energy monitoring system can be accessed via a Web hub or phone apps. This allows the customer to view their system performance and also set various Charge & Discharge time settings from anywhere in the world.

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