LG Chem 7kW HV Li Battery – S/Edge RS485 (400V BMS)

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LG Chem are a leading global manufacturer of Lithium-ion batteries providing high-quality battery storage solutions for self-consumption. Their exceptionally high energy density makes them a perfect choice for domestic settings where space is at a premium. The RESU Lithium Battery is a compact and lightweight solution. It is designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation and, because of its IP55 rating, can be installed in temperate outdoor locations if shielded from direct sunlight and rain.  The maximum Charge / Discharge power of the battery is 3.5W (LG Chem recommends 2.1kW for maximum battery life) Peak DISCHARGE power is 5kW (for 10 seconds maximum) only possible with certain charger inverters.  The high voltage RESU batteries operate at 375V and must only be used with compatible chargers. This particular product is Type R and uses RS-485 communication. It is compatible only with the SolarEdge StorEdge range. This particular 7kWh unit can be used with standard single-phase SolarEdge inverters using the SE-STI-S1 interface, or with HD-Wave inverters using the SE-STI-S4 interface.     Important Please ensure that you are either purchasing, or already have, a set of handles for safely lifting the battery.

Additional information

Weight 102 kg
Supplier Part No


Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Nominal Energy

7000 W/h

Depth of discharge



375 V

Maximum Charge Rate

3500 W

Maximum Discharge Rate

3500 W